ARGOS (Cartagena Plant)

Argos is a Colombian cement industry company, is the leader in Colombia, fifth largest producer in Latin America and second largest in the southeastern United States. It has nine plants in Colombia, three in the United States and one in Honduras; nine clinker mills located in the United States, Haiti, Panama, Dominican Republic, Honduras, French […]

Córdoba Minerals Cop (Puerto Libertador)

This project is carried out for the company CORDOBA MINERALS CORP, in Puerto Libertador, department of Cordoba.—– Puerto Libertador is a Colombian municipality in the north of the country in the department of Córdoba. It is situated 170 km from the departmental capital, Montería. Its economy was initially based on the extraction of gold, clay, […]

Titiribí (Antioquia)

This municipality is located in the Southwest of Antioquia, just in the foothills of the central mountain range, between the municipalities of Venice, Angelópolis and Concordia 62 km from the city of Medellín. Total Population: 13,762 inhabitants (2009) Urban Population: 7,385 Rural Population: 6,377   The municipality of Titiribí has very good access roads and […]

School Kids Donation

Continuing with our social work, Logan Drilling Colombia made a donation of School Kits to children in Cartagena, Turbaco and Turbana, helping to promote education and learning opportunities, offering school tools to children with limited resources.

Donation “Amigos Por Siempre”

As part of its social work, Logan Drilling Colombia made a donation to the “Friends Forever” corporation, which is responsible for providing care, feeding, adoption and conservation services for domestic animals at the departmental level, encouraging expectations with education, awareness and awareness for the bearing and holding of these animals; with progressive thinking and orientation […]

Donation Band Rural School of Quinchía

Through music and sounds, the rural school band has transformed the lives of peasant children in the municipality of Quinchia. With this project a musical teaching process has been carried out that to date has linked 34 children of poverty levels 1 and 2 of the SISBEN and that has improved their cognitive abilities also […]

Mother’s Day Celebration Guadalupe

On May 26, the company was invited to participate in the celebration of Mother’s Day in the municipality of Guadalupe. In the educational center “Luis Jaramillo Hincapié” at 2 p.m. Mass was offered to 65 mothers of the municipality, they were given a serenade and some other gifts in their day; It was a time […]

Project Guayabales

Christmas Celebration: In December, the company participated in the Christmas celebration for the children of this municipality, delivering more than 100 gifts and with the voluntary participation in the event.