Logan Drilling Colombia S.A.S. It encompasses environmental management in each of its processes through strategies and activities to take care of the environment and prevent possible environmental impacts generated during the operation.

Our goal is to know “what should be done” to protect and conserve the environment, how to use the resources offered by the planet in a rational way (especially those that are limited) and how to achieve an adequate balance between economic development through of our operation.


Logan Drilling Colombia S.A.S has been committed since its inception with the development of each of the municipalities in which we have had a presence throughout our operations.

We are aware of the environmental maintenance of each of the municipalities in which we drill taking into account the good waste management and giving them the correct handling and treatment, and this is our own field workers.

In the same way, we have been committed to generating employment in all the municipalities where we arrived and proof of this has been the index and the ascending number of employees in our company.

Logan Drilling Colombia S.A.S. He has been part of several social works in which he has been directly linked to the municipalities:


The company participated in the Christmas celebration for the children of this municipality, delivering more than 100 gifts and with the voluntary participation in the event.


Logan Drilling Colombia S.A.S. It is committed to the education and progress not only of its workers, but also of the child population with few resources. This is how the company made a certified donation to the Children’s Home of Titiribí in May: money that would be invested in such food and educational purposes.


Through music and sounds, the rural school band has transformed the lives of the peasant children of the municipality and Quinchía. With this project a musical teaching process has been carried out that to date has linked 34 children of poverty levels 1 and 2 of the SISBEN and that has improved their cognitive abilities also motivating a better use of their free time.